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by Famitory

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released April 7, 2015



all rights reserved


Famitory Ontario

Welcome to the halcyon halls of Famitory Records!

Established 2010, Our mission is to seek out new and strange artifacts of audio, dug from the collective aural chaf of the universe, as well as ancillary material (visual, textual, ect.) which accompany them.
Famitory Records officially disavows any knowledge related to the beings known as Nyn, Ryth-ZM, Obelisk Nine, Fleshform, & Scrapheap.
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Track Name: Overture
The Overture
Steps right beyond our grasp
Bringing light to all the corners
Of the world's living grass.

The Overture is the future
The Overture is the past
Will histories and stories
Remember our last laugh?
Track Name: Robotonomy
Stay with us a while they said
Being of flesh and bone
But watch your self and lightly tread
And never spend your time alone

Deep within those iron halls
In time, forget your past
New life comes as a free install
Each clanking step could be your last

A thousand twenty four days have passed
After that fatefull day
My skin has turned to rusting brass
And my ideas as dull as clay

A new sensation seeps away
And my eyes turn to dust
A prison, a place to waste away
Unmoving as i turn to rust.
Track Name: Jersey Turnepike
Seeing life through crystal eyes
Seeking light through truth and lies
Arriving at your false conclusions
Play victim to your real delusions
Standing by the jersey turnepike

The curtain’s drawn you've had your fun
Despite your trying, no-one’s won
By and large you've lost the cup
But don’t decide to just give up
She came at the side of the jersey turnepike

Right and wrong, the words we say
To tell the children how to play
But never do we heed our lore
And wage a pointless, endless war
Spat out beside the jersey turnepike

At your death the toll is clear
You listened to what you wanted to hear
Ever since the day I died
I always knew but never tried
Dead in a ditch by the jersey turnepike
Track Name: Three Dimensions (isn't enough)
Effortless to master, years to understand
For a slab of meat controlling a larger one
A social construct, a prison, a scheme so grand
Taken down to serve them better in the long run

Vast open space stretches forever, Mandelbrot fractals extending
Into the nothing and never, null complex and real planes intending
For a time only quiet observation, scalar, no direction
Two particles in conversation, against entropy no protection

The finality of velocity, and i question, what's a matrix used for?
Harmonic series leaves a gap where only light can break shore
As heat death occurs,everything is equal, a saving grace in onset
Negative coefficient of the last position of the cosmological constant

A gilded machination, a golden motive eternal mess
A great intention, retention of what must be confessed
Drops of mercury poison spinning gears and tuning wrench
Oscillations in discrete time tensioned through the resonant trench

What remains is incomprehensible, reprehensible to a designer's eye
Ultimately inconsequential, if its the jersey turnepike they're standing by
Super-massive only numbers, gravity folds up in singularity
Resultantly governed by spin, bosonic quality and electromagnetic polarity

Choices folding right and wrong entanglement the dichotometric fallacy inherent
Cause and effect modelling with multi-temporali-vectoring apparent
The primary biological imperative to survive and create, rearrange new forms of matter
Infinitesimally irrelevant in universal mathematical consideration of gravitational bodies and particle scatter
Track Name: Reflect
A catastrophe, mastering dastardly
Villains in the bad city, handsomely
Anything goes when its done tactfully

The mentality's nationally impacting
Making sure to avoid evidence that's distracting
From the truth, that's what he's extracting
From the facts
Criminal acts

Played out under a false sense of gallantry
Providing an analogy, planned quite elaborately
Substantially warping reality
Often via gadgetry
It's true.

It was all just a ruse
To confuse
And lead off track
Still keeping in the black

All connections form irrationally
From city to municipality
Unable to divide between
Criticality and triviality

Brains incapacity
The statistical abnormality
Is outside of practicality
Special curcumstantiality

And when its all said and done
Left with a city overrun
Concrete on feet weighs a ton
Dragging down into the dunn

But it wont last long through the time
Without the capital to stay online
Each sector falls and dies
Sinking into debt and grime

For he is the architect

But it wont last long through the time
Without the capital to stay online
Each sector falls and dies
Sinking into debt and grime

For he is the architect