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Starting on a dark note is BrINEr, the sequel album to BASF. It boasts an impressive 21 tracks, and has an abrasive, experimental tone that will appeal to those detached from the social dogma

Next is another sequel, Self Title II, the second part of the ever hallmarked Self Title I, which expands and bookends the themes of its predecessor.

Yet another sequel, Rain V-IIX continues the rain series, adding increased atmosphere and some new aural artifacts to the chain.

Then comes Marshmellow Eraser, A sparkling and energetic album with a host of differently coloured textures, all fitting into a framework of smooth yet abstract worldbuilding

After that, The three track single Flavour Enslaver, whose mix of smooth sultry main course and frentic side dishes make for a tasty sonic meal

finally, the towering Errogenous Zone, which features a supersaw chord infested, heavy drums based, and glistengly crisp EDM inspired tone.


released February 19, 2017



Famitory Ontario

Welcome to the halcyon halls of Famitory Records!

Established 2010, Our mission is to seek out new and strange artifacts of audio, dug from the collective aural chaf of the universe, as well as ancillary material (visual, textual, ect.) which accompany them.
Famitory Records officially disavows any knowledge related to the beings known as Nyn, Ryth-ZM, Obelisk Nine, Fleshform, & Scrapheap.
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