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Marshmellow Eraser

by Famitory

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In the late 1970s, in an uninsulated basement in southern canada, a strange silver disc was found. it was considered little more than a curiosity and stored away quietly. years later, the compact disc was invented, and the silver disc was taken out once more, its strange resemblance uncanny to those who knew of its chronology. when placed in a simple boombox, it began to play...


released July 3, 2015



all rights reserved


Famitory Ontario

Welcome to the halcyon halls of Famitory Records!

Established 2010, Our mission is to seek out new and strange artifacts of audio, dug from the collective aural chaf of the universe, as well as ancillary material (visual, textual, ect.) which accompany them.
Famitory Records officially disavows any knowledge related to the beings known as Nyn, Ryth-ZM, Obelisk Nine, Fleshform, & Scrapheap.
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Track Name: Superstratic Gangwriter
mortuis pisces
sapidum cornu condimentum
mobili arena terra
decidentes saepius adlevatae

viveret pisces
aqua partem translata cucumis
dire, navalia demus dire
enter aqua vivificet sanitatem
Track Name: Unbelieve Logic
unbeleive at the precipice, plinthly stand
unbeleive in the desert of silver sands
unbeleive as the heart unwinds into strands
unbeleive to the congress to measure span

unbeleive with avoidable width instead
unbeleive as the space is moved overhead
unbeleive unto decency, golden thread
unbeleive until vision falls infrared

unbeleive as toroisonal as can be
unbeleive to the crossing zone in base three
unbeleive into optional curency
unbeleive causes intergral absetnry

unbeleive as erroded is privacy
unbeleive up to market share piracy
unbeleive onto camera cut, visualy
unbeleive above all of it, root and tree
Track Name: Square Two
oceans in the distance, an azure emotion
drinking colour, stealing paint from the commotion
raise the score, commanding strings to creshendo and choose
brass colision face-to-face with nonamourous vurtues

seirens in the distance, a boistrous calling
peach clouds on ivory sky boundlessly falling
cue entry of abolitionist, allow for movement, stage left
perdurable props and players, poets making a thousand empty threats
Track Name: Generate Catechylism
when i kick back and rest my eyes
there is no need to be disguised
forever untold sudden

i wake up in a daze and hope
no one has taken to my throat
egregious untold sudden

please dont place any more requests
they don't take kindly to suspects
a hallway untold sudden

the drywall closing in on me
gasping for air inside a dream
undoubted untold sudden


generate noise
generate tone
generate frequency
generate new life

generate noise
generate fast Fourier
generate index
generate! generate new life!