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The year 2016 began with Acids and Bases, an album in three parts, starting with a peculiar flavour of rock, holding together with some interestingly emotional tracks, then ending with some more upbeat electronics

Next came tropicatlas, A wild mixed bag with a funky energy and some excellent rap, and the hintings of a future album...

In the mean time, the three track single Delta was released; three high tempo tracks with a fun and flow that mimic their cover art, including a remix of a song by The Tuesday Night Machines!

Then came A Selection of Sounds Organized by a Lonely Dilettante, A glitchy and IDM influenced collection, with a range of different tones and motifs tied together by funky rhythms and a cool atmosphere

Finnaly, at the very end of the year, a remix of an old classic; Skate Or Die 2016. with it's lofi distorted guitars and rock attitude.


released February 19, 2017



Famitory Ontario

Welcome to the halcyon halls of Famitory Records!

Established 2010, Our mission is to seek out new and strange artifacts of audio, dug from the collective aural chaf of the universe, as well as ancillary material (visual, textual, ect.) which accompany them.
Famitory Records officially disavows any knowledge related to the beings known as Nyn, Ryth-ZM, Obelisk Nine, Fleshform, & Scrapheap.
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